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My work expresses an inner journey. Beauty attracts me in a multiplicity of forms. Beauty arising from meditative depths ( dawn ) and exhilarative heights ( uplift ). Also, the terrible beauty felt in tragic patterns of human behavior ( perpetrator victim #1, #2, #3, #4 ). Ideas form in the mind's eye and grow in my imagination. Once in the studio, the sculpture inevitably takes on its own life.  I enjoy how the underlying shapes and forms are found in nature, yet the specific way they come together gives voice to my personal perspective.

I have always found birds fascinating. The obvious metaphor of flight and freedom is beneath the surface of the 'wings' collection: spiritual flight and creative freedom. Each piece represents a particular emotional experience towards these aspirations. Some experiences are far from free ( persecutor victim series) yet the process of creating them in clay is liberating. Hopefully, the viewer may perceive something of this too!

The 'heart petals' collection represents how the human heart evolves as we grow and mature continuing to open and connect. Several pieces may be set up as fountains, which delight the eye with the constant movement of water over the colorful, glazed ceramics. Each piece is a moment in time implying timelessness.

January 2021                                                                                                                                                     self portrait - opposite - 2003