Healing Art Constellations

Kate Campbell MFA


‘What does our heart listen to?
            It listens to the rhythm of life and the rhythm of love.
            It receives its pulse from this beat.

            When we are attuned, we hear this rhythm with our heart;
we resonate in harmony with it.’                               ~Bert Hellinger

Healing Arts Constellations invite harmony through creativity and change. They are how I felt about the squirrel I modeled in clay watching her nibble in the back garden when I was four. We, the squirrel and me, were one; a gesture, a recognition, connected, and attuned. The child simply seeing. The squirrel belonging and understood.  Adults tend to complicate. Simplicity through compassion and insight is the goal.

Kate Campbell has developed Healing Art Constellations to ignite creativity within the core of the Systemic Family Constellations experience. She facilitates our creative voice to clarify the relationships we have with self, other, and the world. With a group of people and individuals, together we craft intention to uncover the source of our suffering. With time, acceptance and release are engendered.

What are we looking for?
Relief from an issue that has been troubling us. Everything belongs in a Healing Art Constellation; all of it. Rage, delight, fear, euphoria, hate, compassion, alienation, community, anxiety, exuberance, depression, happiness, illness, vibrancy, shame, vulnerability and so on. All these emotions, these mental states are reinforced by patterns of behavior. When we alter the pattern the emotional timbre lifts.

We start with a theme, and paint, collage, write, choreograph it from different perspectives. The honest act of creation launches what we need to review and in the constellation process to clean out. Eventually, we unite with others as we understand our own issue as part of a greater family dynamic.

Our common desire to heal generates trust. We drop our beautifully developed personalities, and slip gently into a soul level. We respond to a person's core and a connection with their family system. The issue we wish to relinquish is embedded in time. It has been locked in our past and in our family's history. We see, feel, and understand it is the root of our pain. In the constellation the hold it has over us is released.

“Do not go gentle into that good night.
 Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Though Dylan Thomas wrote the above poetic refrain at his father’s death bed, it is a universal compulsion. Sometimes, many times a day. We want to hold the lighted torch, to see our path illuminated clearly, and yet it slips out of reach like the flash of a firefly. The light dances before us and blinks away. The healing art process brightens and sustains the light a little longer.

I love the tangible euphoria generated during a Healing Art Constellation circle. This above all, prompts me to offer another group and another one-on-one.  Lifting the veil which obscures our vision is as liberating as it is humbling. I love sharing it with you!

Kate Campbell MFA


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Series of Five Healing Art Constellations

February 9, Family of Origin: Mother / Father (Grandparents) March 9, Family of Origin: Father / Mother (Grandparents) April 13, Family of Origin: Siblings / Abortions / Vanishing Twins May 11, Composite Self: Inner Child / Adaptive Self / Adult June 8, Epigentic influence: Social / Cultural / Historical Heritage


Ancestral Patterns

TWO EVENTS: June 2nd CANCELLED. at Living Purpose Institute, 2593 Young Avenue,  Thousand Oaks, at 1 - 5:30pm. AND SUNDAY, JUNE 9th, 2 - 5:30pm at Blue Heron Portal Studios, 3337A Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach CA 92651 HEALING ART CONSTELLATIONS bring our attention to the past, so we can walk more fully into the present. Have you noticed patterns in your life that slow you down, bring on a negative attitude, even depression and anxiety, or simply challenge you to look more deeply?


Attendance: Eagles Nest 2:00 - 5:30 pm

Attendance includes: participation in creative art, observation, representation in constellations, and receive a quick-look constellation. Time allocated for personal constellations. Please pre book yours:)


Attendance: Sunday 11 - 5pm

Attendance includes: participation in creative art, observation, representation in constellations, and receive a quick-look constellation. Time allocated for personal constellations. Please pre book yours:)


Full Constellation: Contact me

Full Constellation includes: preparatory Q & A by email or phone, personal constellation facilitated with representation from attendees, participation in creative art and group constellations. Attendance in Person, by Zoom or WhattsApp.


Zoom one on one Constellation

Zoom Personal Constellation includes: preparatory Q & A by email or phone, prearranged date and time for 1 1/2 hours, zoom conference with creative art process and facilitation of constellation based on art.


Sliding scale available


Contact Kate @ katherinebell77@gmail.com

Contact Kate before the date to request a sliding scale price. No person turned away for lack of funds.


Date and time: Saturdays, February 9, March 9, April 13 @ 1:30 - 5pm

Healing Art Constellations: Family of Origin

Final two in Series of Five Focus on individual work, role in the family system, relationships between siblings, core issues, cultural impact. Reaching out movement and patterns through the generations.



Before, After

Before, After
Ask yourself and consider:
What is the issue, situation or problem about which you would like some resolution?
What goal do you have for the outcome of the constellation?

The following questions are intended to jog your memory about important events that may have shaped and affected your family system. Character and personal interests are not useful in this work. Events, which have an impact on the lives of the people involved, do have significance.  
PRESENT FAMILY: spouse, siblings, children, former partners and children from former marriages/ relationships.
FAMILY of ORIGIN: your siblings, parents, uncles & aunts, grandparents, and in memorable or tragic cases, great grandparents, and premarital partners.

Is there anything that happened in your present family or your family of origin that was tragic or unusual?  (a family story which goes back generations is relevant)
Did or does  anyone in your family...
* die at a young age?
* die or experience danger during childbirth (grandmother, great grandmothers)?
* suffer from illness or disability from giving birth or other incidence?
* suffer excessive stress or mental illness?                                  * attempt or commit suicide?    
* die in action or kill others as a result of war?                             * experience living in a war zone?
* experience torture?                                                                         * experience emotional or physical abuse?
* other?

 Did or does anyone in your family...  
* have a stillborn baby or vanishing twin?                                    * have an abortion or miscarriage?
* have an ‘illegitimate’ child?                                                          * have a child given up for adoption?
* have a former spouse, fiancé, love partner?                             * have a serious or long lasting illness?
* have a physical or mental disability?                                         * become a missing person?
* commit a crime or war crime?                                                    * survive or not the Holocaust?
* join the clergy or monastery?                                                      * emigrate to another country?
* experience prejudice?                                                                   * lose their fortune?
* feel like the ‘black sheep’ of the family?                                    * feel ostracized?
* suffer consistent prejudice?
* other?

Did or does anyone experience important events...  
* a traumatic birth (a Caesarian, an induction, a super long labor)?
* a separation from mother at a young age?
* a traumatic childhood experience (abuse, war, abject poverty)?
* run away from home for a long time?
* a life threatening accident or a natural disaster?
* a grueling divorce?
* other?      

By participating in a constellation, we most likely have received new insights, healing images, and a feeling for the soul's language. This work has a deep impact on the soul and may give our lives a new direction. It’s important to accept and balance the benefits of the work, which takes time.  Be patient. The persona’s mind thinks quickly. The soul moves more slowly. Its advisable to think less about the change brought about in the Knowing Field. We want to understand what happened, of course. Beyond that, the best approach is to allow the movement of the soul.

People process in different ways:
*  In a quiet, sacred space at home or in nature, sit with the process. Remember what occurred during the constellation and actively receive it. Welcome the new information into your being. With as much ease as possible let the pain go. It is usual to feel ‘worse’ as the full depth of an experience opens up. This fosters complete acknowledgement and finally healing.  
*  Light a candle, and looking into the flame recall the meaningful moments during the constellation. Open your heart to their import.
Write a poem, paint, sing a song, which captures the essence of the experience. Capture the feeling and the message.
*  Be gentle. Soak in a bath with Epsom and salts. Take a shower and wash away anything, which doesn’t belong to you. Cleanse and refresh yourself.
*  Meditate on the constellation to glean what is vital and transcendent. Bring your attention to the healing, revealing, and liberating aspects of the constellation.
*  Take a walk in nature, by the ocean, in the hills, in a park. Let the images, which arise from the constellation repeat, belong and speak to you. Some parts will fade. This is normal.
*   Before sleep, ask to continue the work of the constellation in your dreams, and for resolution to be nurtured.

It may be helpful to call your facilitator, me, after a constellation. I will not explain what happened but guide the process for you to benefit from the profound shift in perspective. As much as possible, welcome in the new, however unfamiliar and strange it may seem. Then real change may take place. It is recommended that we do not talk about our constellation work for at least 40 days to let it "take root" inside us, allowing it to grow stronger. When you do talk about it remember to reflect on the resolution rather than any conflict that may have arisen to reassert the growth in your soul.