What are Systemic Family Constellations

The unique constellation of children, parents, grandparents, siblings, step-relatives, ancestors make up a family system. Bert Hellinger developed a therapeutic modality in which family relationships  are represented as they are perceived and as they may be perceived for greater overall health. A constellation demonstrates an organic system in which each member belongs, and has their rightful place.

What are Healing Art Constellations?

Healing Art Constellations are a creative process in which the unique arrangement of component parts are placed in relationship to one another and the whole. An art work,  a family, a relationship, an illness, a business organization are examples which are facilitated to reveal hidden dynamics. Seeing, understanding , accepting what is brings  new perspective and potential growth.

What do reprentatives do in a constellation?

Representatives are selected to attune to a person or thing. They sense in their body what is occurring. They may feel emotions and think thoughts generated by the client's issue and the part of it they represnt. They are largely silent and move slowly on a soul level, presenting vital information for the client.  

Who has a constellation facilitated?

People, who have a recurring problem, issue, or conflict in their lives ask to have a constellation facilitated. It may be about relationships, health, business concerns, creativity, communication, emotional stability, including addiction and nervous disorders.

Where do Systemic Constellations originate?

Bert Hellinger was a psychotherapist who began facilitating structural constellations in Germany in the 1990's. They dervived from his experiences as a Jesuit priest, his exposure to the Zulu ancestral culture, and his study of psychoanalysis, in particular Family Systems Therapy in the US. Family Constellations have evolved  and deepened as an adjunct to therapy, self-knowledge, and soul awareness over the last three decades in Western Europe, Mexico, the US and beyond.

What special skills does one need to attend?

There aren't any special skills required to attend a systemic or a healing art constellation. Honest intention and an open mind are enough to cultivate what is known as the knowing field or the morphogenetic field. These terms convey the recognition on a cellular level of clients, representatives and the relationships they bring to the constellation..

How many constellations does one need to attend?

It is a personal matter how many and how often one has a constellation facilitated. One person may find great insight from one constellation, their life improves and they move on. Another person may return many times and represent to learn more about the inner workings of human systems. A third person may have many constellations facilitated to grow beyond a traumatic childhood.

What's the Art part in Healing Art Constellations?

Art is used in different ways in a constellation as a doorway for the psyche. Painting, drawing, poetry on a theme are created. Aspects of these are then represented to reveal the hidden dynamics of the artists' intention.

Art that is in process may be facilitated to move beyond an impasse, such as writer's block.

Art that has been completed may be represented to understand its meaning on a deeper level.

What are other resources?

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Francesca Mason Boring http://www.allmyrelationsconstellations.com
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