This series of six Healing Art Constellations Circles is a Learning Group. Commitment creates quality healing work developed together across six months. The benefits of working in a group are wonderful: trust and confidence, elevated learning, and true friendships. This healing modality is most engaging and elevating. Healthy change arises that is unaccountably valuable. Insights gained inspire growth in participants’ and their families’ lives. It’s liberating, often cathartic and flourishes across time. January 25, Family of Origin: Mother / Father, Parentage; February 29, Ancestry: Parents, Grandparents, Greats; March 28, Culture: Siblings, Society, Work relations; April 25, Epigenetics: History, Religion, Race; May 23, Internal Health; June 20, Chakras and Spiritual Goals / Composite Self: Inner Child, Adaptive Self, Adult.

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 A group dynamic evolves and evokes heightened revelations about our individual lives within our family and cultural systems. The group memory stimulates a juicy level of participation, understanding, and healing.

What do you experience?
Soul level connection
Cycles of healthy/unhealthy relationships
Clarity and understanding about relationships
Shedding and shifts in perspective
Relief and release of historic emotion
Insight into systemic issues
Compassion for self and others